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Captain's Drive-In 2016

Chris Hickling

The Captain's Drive-In took place on Sunday 17 January 2016 following the AGM, and the official induction of the new Captain, on the Saturday evening.

Chris spent his career working as a school teacher and as such was dressed as 'Headmaster Hicko' and taken to the first tee in a school minibus along with his pupils. Chris was greeted on the tee by over 150 onlookers including his very own school choir who sang a remastered version of the '12 days of Christmas' but this time titled the '12 months of Captaincy'.

After the event Chris said 'The Drive-In was tremendous. 150 members tucked into breakfast and gathered round the first tee with open umbrellas and I was dressed by James, Norman and the Committee in cap and gown with a cane for good measure. Norman started proceedings and then my playing chums, The Wadnesdays entertained us all with a fine golfing version of the 12 Days of Hicko Christmas. It was really fabulous and was very well received. It was brilliant. Matthew was great fun and bedecked with Crash helmets for my smacks off tee but when removed my hair was still there, thankfully: Berit, Wendy and Nicola were very special schoolgirls and I was on cloud nine and would like to thank everyone involved for making my start of Captaincy so memorable'.

You can view pictures from the Drive-In below:

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